Ahura Mini Bud Vase
Ahura Mini Bud Vase
Ahura Mini Bud Vase
Ahura Mini Bud Vase
Azin Mafi Ceramics

Ahura Mini Bud Vase

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The Ahura mini bud vase honors the simple elements of earth, fire, and water. With one overarching handle and textured carving throughout the piece, this vase is as delicate as it is cute. You can hang this in your gallery wall while showing off the tiny beautiful flowers in your surroundings or rest it on a tabletop. This tiny vase is perfect for those small wild flowers you forage on your long walks. 

Each piece is handmade, not made on the wheel, and is crafted slowly with the intention of lasting many generations to come. 

These vases take weeks to complete and are one of a kind. 



  • includes 1 vase
  • Dimensions: the body of the vase itself measures approximately 2.75" H x 3.5", with the handle it measures a total of 4" tall. The opening measure .75" wide 
  • Santa Fe clay
  • Naked clay fired twice to ensure strength and longevity
  • Each piece is individually signed by the artist on the back
  • Handmade in Los Angeles, California


* Please note: all products are meticulously handmade one piece at a time. Due to this process, there may be slight variations from one item to the next. Such variations and imperfections are inherent in the making of handmade products, so you may expect minor distinctions that will make your purchase special and truly one of a kind.